Building Performance Engines Since 1936

ATK Engines is proud to maintain a 70+ year history of engine building with Millions of engines sold. ATK's sister company, VEGE Moteren, was founded in Holland in 1936 and developed their business by remanufacturing components for ex-military vehicles left in Europe by American forces following World War II.

This was a difficult period for most of Europe during which civilian cars and trucks were, for the most part, either damaged or destroyed beyond repair. By making remanufactured components available for these American cars and trucks, VEGE Motoren helped get the European economy back on the road again. Fast forward to current day where ATK/VEGE is proud to offer over 1,500 products and provides its service to over 40,000 US customers a year. With over 70 years of building experience and having achieved ISO 14001 quality, ATK felt that it was ready to launch a High Performance Division in 2007. When you buy an ATK High Performance Engine you are buying an engine that is designed to be better than new. ATK reverse-engineers all of our engines to ensure that any factory defaults are eliminated.

The addition of brand new component parts make for a High Performance Experience that is truly unique; unlike much of the competition, at ATK, What's Inside Matters!

Today, ATK has one of the finest High Performance engine shops in the country, featuring state of the art Dyno Equipment, climate controlled clean rooms, and a fully trained staff capable of building any High Performance engine you can dream up.

When Mark Johnson was in his teens he started working in a small performance machine shop in Arlington TX, where he began to learn the craft of building engines. In 1984 Mark started his career with renowned race engine builder, Reher & Morrison, where he perfected the skill of building high end race engines. While at Reher & Morrison Mark was a part of several development programs for major sponsors including GM, NASCAR and Pro-Stock engine development and builds.

Mark was heavily involved in Reher & Morrison's own Pro Stock Team which took several world championships in both NHRA and IHRA. Mark has enjoyed building a wide variety of high performance engines for both street and off road and understands the details of machine, part selection and assembly to build any High Performance engine application.

Today, Mark is the Division Manager of ATK Performance located in Grand Prairie, TX. Our vision is to drive the highest quality in ATK's product line, and putting his 30 years of experience in race engine development to use in the consumer market is a vital step.

Contacting ATK Performance


Many customers ask where we are located: The High Performance Division of ATK is located in Grand Prarie, TX. Have no fear, as we ship anywhere in the lower 48 states!

When making a decision to purchase a high quality product like an ATK Engine, it is inevitable that questions will arise in the process. Please feel free to contact us using one of the methods below.

ATK High Performance Sales - 1 (866) 721-2315


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